NYSTAA Service Award Nominations

For more information, please contact an Awards Committee Chair.

Award Nomination Forms

Each award nomination requires one to two letters of support from other colleagues, so please reach out and plan accordingly to meet the deadline.

Deadline: March 16, 2018

Emeritus Award

The Emeritus Award was established as a symbol of respect and affection to recognize NYSTAA members who have retired or moved on to new professional positions outside the realm of transfer. Recipients have made significant and long-term contributions to the organization and are respected professionals in their field.

Joan Austin Distinguished Service Award

(for members with more than three years of NYSTAA involvement)

The Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize individuals who have made long-term commitments of time and energy to
NYSTAA. It recognizes significant and lasting contributions to the organization and advocacy for transfer issues. Recipients may have served the organization as board members, officers, active committee members, NYSTAA/transfer issues advocates across the State, conference presenters, professional leadership, role models for new transfer professionals, or in many other capacities deemed significant to the mission of NYSTAA.

In May 2012, the Distinguished Service Award was renamed in honor of Joan Austin, who passed away on December 2, 2011. Joan touched the lives of many both professionally and personally. Her commitment and dedication to NYSTAA and the field of transfer will not be forgotten.

New Professional Award

(for members with fewer than three years of NYSTAA involvement)

The New Professional Award was established to recognize the service of new members to NYSTAA. It recognizes the enthusiasm of new members to become involved with the organization and promotes continued service.

Submit applications and/or questions regarding the NYSTAA Service Award Nominations to:

Jessica McCaffery | jessica.mccaffery@esc.edu
Empire State College РAssociate Registrar