Committee Details & Chairs


The Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting nominees for NYSTAA achievement awards and emeritus recipients as well as the Professional Development Grants. They screen nominees, select award recipients, and notify professional development grants winners. Members present the awards at the annual conference. This Committee meets once a year. Committee members must be Distinguished Service Award recipients.

Rebecca Mack Awards/Professional Development Grants Co-chair Monroe Community College Transfer and 2+2 Counselor
Lindsay Gerhardt Awards/Professional Development Grants Co-chair Genesee Community College Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment

The By-Laws Committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing changes to NYSTAA’s by-laws as needed. In addition, the chair of the By-laws Committee will also serve as NYSTAA’s parliamentarian, who will provide interpretation of the by-laws, rules and procedures at all NYSTAA events and meetings.

Nick Rosato  By-Laws Chairperson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Director, Transfer Admissions

The Conference Committee is responsible for the planning, organization, and promotion of the annual conference. They are responsible for conference registration, securing vendors and sponsorship from member colleges, and finalizing the conference schedule. They are also responsible for the logistical components of the conference such as: selecting the menu for meals and breaks, arranging a first-timers reception, coordinating the hospitality suite and networking excursions. The Conference Committee meets 3-4 times a year; at least one of those meetings is at the conference site.

Michael Henningsen Conference Co-chair Binghamton University Transfer Admissions Specialist
Darlene Poirier Conference Co-chair University at Albany Transfer Experience Coordinator

The Issues Committee organizes the workshop sessions and all speakers for the annual conference. Much of the committee’s work is done by recruiting workshop participation, deciding on workshop proposals, and facilitating the individual presentations. This committee meets 3-4 times a year and at each meeting converses about the aforementioned topics while also setting aside time to discuss current transfer issues.

Maria Campanella Issues Co-Chair Stony Brook University Director, Health Sciences Office of Student Services
Greg Diller Issues Co-Chair SUNY Cortland Coordinator of Transition Programs

The Membership Committee is responsible for soliciting eligible individuals for membership and publishes an annual membership directory. The Committee maintains a membership database and provides updated information to the Executive Board.

Cortney Shaughnessy Membership Co-chair Excelsior College Partnership Ambassador
Kim Lourinia Membership Co-chair Excelsior College Regional Director of Strategic Partnerships

Marketing and Communications Committee

Formed in 2018, the Marketing and Communications Committee combines the previous work of the Newsletter and Technology Committees.  The committee compiles updates and content to share with current NYSTAA members, promotes NYSTAA to prospective members, and supports the technological needs of the organization.  The committee coordinates the social media accounts and photography of NYSTAA and coordinates with the web administrator for web development of the organization.

Carol Costell Corbin Marketing and Communications Chair SUNY Cortland Associate Director for Transfer Credit and Degree Completion

Nominations & Elections

Robin Graff Nominations Chair Westchester Community College Coordinator of Transfer Services

Transfer Best Practices Committee
The Transfer Best Practices Committee collects and disseminates professional best practices related to the admission, credit evaluation, support and retention of transfer students. The Committee shares articles and research related to transfer student issues relevant to the work of NYSTAA members.  They present their findings through the newsletter or conference presentations.

Jenae Norris Transfer Best Practices Co-Chair Binghamton University Senior Associate Director of Recruitment
Jennifer Aponte-Paez Transfer Best Practices Co-Chair Dutchess Community College Academic Coach

The Scholarship Committee solicits applications, reviews and awards NYSTAA scholarships to current year associate degree graduates from member two year colleges who are transferring to member four year campuses. Although much of the committee’s work is completed without the need for formal meetings, committee members do meet once a year to select the scholarship recipients. The Scholarship Committee is also responsible for fund raising activities in support of the scholarship effort, especially the Silent Auction at the annual conference.

Tracey Iorio Scholarship Co-chair Stony Brook University Assistant Director, Academic and Transfer Advising
Greg Diller Scholarship Co-chair SUNY Cortland Coordinator of Transition Programs